WorldZ Game Online

The apocalypse has knocked on your door, but you are not a coward! Yellow teeth and the rotting smell of zombies can’t scare you as long as you have a gun or something heavy to knock the brains out of their mindless heads.

You have to stay strong and hope that humanity is still alive. No boundaries restrict you from traveling in the game city. Explore deserted shops and take goods on their shelves, search for scrap to make bullets, and collect not only guns but close-distance axes.

Of course, you can’t fight day and night without eating or drinking anything. Your powers decline with each swing of a bat while infected mutants keep arriving on the feast. Seems like you’re going to have a tough time. But you do have advantages!

First, you’re faster than your chasers. Second, the character preserves consciousness and can craft and use long-range weapons, while zombies need to be really close to inflict damage. This is why these gregarious remnants of humans move quietly in large groups.

Listen and track suspicious movements at the corner of your eye while rummaging for something to put in the backpack. It would be a great idea to clear yourself a base where you could take a nap, survive, and plan your escape from the town!

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