Build Craft Game Online

Build Craft is a paradise for players obsessed with creative architecture! Forget about laws of physics: blocks, basic pieces of the world, can levitate without supporting columns. Marble castles on floating islands are no longer a fantasy!

First, find a perfect spot for your future masterpiece. It could be a lush forest, a snowy slope, a river or an ocean shore, or even a jungle! If you’re lucky, you can find a human settlement and house nearby to not feel alone.

Each ecosystem is rich with unique raw materials. So, if you need a lighter birch wood, you will have to travel for one! To start working on the project, find solid or liquid resources you’re going to use. The pristine planet supplies the character with exactly what they need!

You can collect water, dirt, clay, sand, go deeper for stone and ores, and transform these raw materials into glass panels, metal doors, and light bulbs. Collecting can take some time, but it is for a lovely cottage that will be built with your own hands!

Create a real kitchen, bedroom, and other important rooms for your character. By the way, in a special editor, you can adjust the hero’s appearance and outfit anytime! Reach the piece of mind in the meditative, wholly interactive universe.

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