Minecraft Survival Game Online

What feels better than a calm Minecraft Survival playthrough? Spawn in a serene environment of a randomly generated world and begin your journey through cube-made mountains and valleys.

How will you entertain yourself? Maybe find a village and protect it from monsters and hostile nomads? Or build a ranch in the middle of a lush forest? Overhaul the environment or live in harmony with nature, it’s only you on the entire planet who make a choice.

Under the surface, the wind whistles ghostly melodies in caves and mines occupied by the undead. No sane Steve would willingly descend into there, but the underworld is tiled of iron, gold, and diamond ores, stretching miles down to the end of the rectangular planet.

You can stop anywhere, even on the mountain, and start lifting the ground with a shovel. Just not directly beneath your feet, or you’ll fall into a magmatic chasm and lose your inventory!

Beware of twilight, as it brings unwanted cave dwellers to the upper land. Skeletons, zombies, and other undead enemies rise from the depths in search of signs of life. Spend troublesome nights in the bed or test your might with the sword. Just mark the direction before setting off far from home, or you’ll have to start a new life in a new house.

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