Mad GunZ Game Online

Welcome to the strange island where the war doesn’t cool down even for a day. Dozens of soldiers without a team fight for their own supremacy, the only huge reward that will become a possession of an absolute victor.

The distant land in the middle of an ocean preserves piles of high-level ammunition—your job is to find what you need and use it in an ace’s fashion!

Each participant is delivered to the battlefield via UFO. Aliens will spectate the performance while you are surviving the surrounding hostility all alone. Rush through pixel jungles, guided by the smell of your first enemy. Act ahead of expectations, don’t let anyone catch you off guard!

The game depends a lot on your accuracy and reaction and just a little on luck. The beautiful environment hides greedy shooters in its bushes. Be observant and cautious but brave at the same time. Use natural shelters and resources, improve defense and offense to an equal extent if you’re about to claim first place.

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