Blockman Go 2 Game Online

Blockman Go 2 is a multiplayer cubic sandbox that has a purpose! Together with allies, you will defend a fort from rivalry forces, fight off waves of unpredictable aliens, and count kills for a high rank.

Alone, you will enjoy various types of Battle Royale with bows, snowballs, fortifications, close fights and relax in PVE activities. Have a little skill in clashing? No problem, you will easily learn the basics with your team’s support!

Find a clan to grow together or just stick to peaceful play maps with priority to building and farming. Aces and recruits tend to cooperate for the victory of their crew, at the same time learning new details about winning strategies and teamwork.

What You Will Find Inside

Epic Blockman Go selection keeps users and guests entertained for years! Once you try, there is no way back. Scroll down dozens of frequently updated classic titles like Egg Wars, Trainers Arena, or Lucky Blocks. Keep an eye on fresh names that expand the carefully composed collection.

Servers are always full, people are connecting from a wide variety of places around the globe, so you will easily find someone who speaks your language. Every in-built game has an independent leaderboard and mechanics. You will learn different crafting tables, as well as ways to level up your hero. BedWars, for example, offers you to loot treasure chests via keys you earn in the match.

Runes, tokens, and boosters they give can be used to increase defense and offense, plus to grant special abilities. Pickaxes, swords, life-savers, and blocks are available for iron and gold, but they get wiped at the start of a new round.

On most maps, your mission is to stay alive and climb to the top by the number of defeated rivals. But sometimes, you only have to enjoy the process! For instance, to catch Pokemons, to make fortune on floating islands, or to care for pets on your own farm. Upgrade your play ratings by doing what you love!

Customize the Environment

As in every sandbox, you have full control over the map. But sometimes, interactions are restricted by rules! In any case, you can unleash your creativity in the character editor. Make an exact copy of yourself or your favorite cartoon fighter.

Rummage in an extensive wardrobe, try on giant angel wings, express the mood through colors! The resulting avatar will be visible to everyone in the game lobby and may bring you a number of friend requests!

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