CraftMine Game Online

Play as tiny Steve in a big strange 2D world! Survive in the incredibly easy CraftMine, which is completely opposite to the two most famous cubical sandboxes. You will hardly find a more peaceful world than this one.

It has enemies like every survival, but they are easily avoided if you don’t want to bother yourself with encounters. Also, trees, blocks of dirt, and stones respawn in a few seconds after being collected. In fact, you can wander near the base for the entire walkthrough without worrying about a lack of resources.

You have to care for your character to keep them alive. Feed them with berries, avoid freezing or overheating, don’t let them drown or be eaten by a wild animal. Giant bears and gluttonous snakes get very nervous when a stranger approaches their territory. As if it was not enough, zombies and skeletons wake up from graves at night.

The hero doesn’t know how to build a shelter from collected resources, but they can ignite a campfire to keep hungry monsters at a distance. Since you can’t impact nature, find a cave or a limited valley that will save you from sudden attacks. These are simple rules to follow at the beginning, but a few virtual days after, you might want to feel the weight of a sword in your hand.

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