Dude Theft Wars Game Online

Still under the impression from GTA? Then have a look at this sandbox game of thug life in the big city. Your anti-hero has just left jail and must survive in a smoothly legal environment where any violation of rules is strictly punished.

For stealing a car, he will most probably be sent back to prison or even shot to death. However, even death cannot stop the antagonist, because he always gets revived in the local miraculous hospital with no exceptions.

So, if no threat is too big, why not let loose the morality? Bloody chaos grows on the streets with each step of this guy and his mad gang. Guns explode with fresh bullets, helicopters fall on citizens’ heads, the air gets super hot.

A five-stars priority draws police flashers: they fly from all corners like moths, but they never open the garbage can’s lid. It is impressively easy to hide from an intense chase. But isn’t it much more impressive to face the danger and see if a single man can outsmart the rest of the world?

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