Mine Clone Game Online

Many will remember this game as the first Minecraft they’ve ever played. It can be called a dreamy copy of the original. Spawn in a well-known place with a miraculous turquoise house and heavenly landscapes all around.

Have an idle walk through the Alpine meadow and its sunlit forest. Though your Steve has health and hunger bars, you must put an effort beyond the imaginable into killing him. His hunger grows for long days, he can breathe underwater and even fly in Survival mode.

So, you can’t land unsuccessfully from a tall mountain because you mostly glide rather than fall. On a land exposed to the eternal sun, you will hardly find eerie zombies or clunky skeletons. Though it is possible to summon rain and have a little party with monsters.

What is easier to break, the glass or the obsidian block? In this enchanted domain, both are destroyed from a single click. The inventory stores everything your pickaxe digs up. Soil, stone, grass, and even fire can be used if you wish to play an architect.

But the main purpose of this world is to satisfy your inner spectator and soothe your nerves. Its textures are reminiscent of the Alpha version of the reference sandbox, which makes the application double nostalgic.

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