Bigger Guns Game Online

Rifles in average shooters are too small and inefficient? No worry, this game won’t give you up. Even a cow from its miraculous voxel streets brings more lethality than an upgraded alien blaster. By the way, blasters are also included in their heavy, terrifying iteration.

So, join a server with crazy dudes locked in a limited territory and be a witness of its descent into madness. But don’t just watch, take part in the chaotic crossfire! You have no allies on the map, only weaker or stronger opponents on your way to the trophy.

The corporate Battle Royale of office clerks will wipe the poor megapolis off the maps! But will you survive until the outcome of the battle? Tension escalates pretty fast, and nimble rivals can easily catch you unprepared at the beginning of the performance.

If accidentally you see no machine gun nearby, consider using a hen as a tool of nemesis. Its pointy beak is made just for knocking on someone’s head! Especially when the bird is longer than a hitter’s bat.

Every weapon you take in your hands grows enormously. Moreover, every item you pick up becomes a weapon! Your pixel warrior has no other mission than to kill everybody. Follow the call of rage and remain the last one standing!

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