Bedwars Game Online

Since its release, BedWars has been remaining the most demanded mod. Thousands of users join it every day! The secret is in its simple battle rules: destroy an enemy’s spawn point and defeat them to win.

And though it’s easy to get the point and become a useful unit in your team, you need to dig deeper to uncover the secrets of ultimate winners. Begin with basic theory, master close and distant fights through practice.

Cooperate with teammates or follow the path of power alone. Or trick the participants into kicking each other up and benefit while remaining uninvolved! Apply the most common combat style for you to win the round or at least spend a good time at a big play party.

Features of the Map

A classic Blockman Go mode gathers 16 members on floating islands. There is a separate land for each of four teams and diamond and emerald generators, including unoccupied territories.

Before approaching someone’s base, the crewmates must take care of their own safety. They will collect gold and iron to trade them for wool and glass to cover the spawner and scissors, an ax, and a sword to deal with rivals. For armor and tools of better quality than of the same ores, it is necessary to locate precious gems generators.

Building bridges is the only way to approach a distant land. Be careful not to slip from the thin bar and get lost in the space, especially when your fortress is broken. And measure your powers mindfully: most of the time, facing off 4 rivals while being entirely alone is not the best idea.

To avoid a silly finale, consider purchasing magical items. For example, a slime pad will bring you up from the void back to the land, and a portable fortress will build a compact stronghold around you in the middle of a fight.

The new update made the game a lot RPG-like. Now, in addition to empowering runes, your knight will move along the rank line. There are five leagues in total that give a bonus to standard rewards at the end of the play. But golden and emerald chests remain the fundamental source of items that can bring your character to the next level.

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