Blockman Go Beta Game Online

People who are interested in contributing to the project are invited for Blockman Go Beta testing. Anyone can become a tester! It means playing the maps in development and giving feedback on how you feel about the developers’ idea.

This helps meet the preferences of the audience and make a product both sides will enjoy. Members of the helping group are usually rewarded! It can be gcubes, coins, or else valuables depending on the decision of the content makers.

Be First to Rank Updates

In this unstable version, you’re allowed to take a look at preparing updates that have not been released yet. Thanks to your help, the final product won’t have major bugs and errors and may acquire interesting features the public will like.

In contrast to the stable version, this one will have its catalog consisting of only work-in-progress pieces. This means you will find BedWars and other titles ready to launch if an update is prepared for them. You will be the first to evaluate it before it is published in the classic application for everyone. Good chance to boast to your friends!

Sometimes, you may find a brand new game to pop up in the collection. It’s a pure treasure you must check out straight away because no one even knows about it! When players were raving about the awesome Pokemon training mod in the cubic universe, testers had been aware of it long ago. And here we’re approaching another benefit of being a supporter.

You learn new mechanics faster than anyone else and will show better results in a fight for the championship! Catch the moment while opponents are only experimenting to earn easy experience points and get the best rewards.

Try Something New

Players usually choose one favorite game out of dozens of perfect titles. They miss a lot of entertaining content while focusing on the development in a single branch. The version for testers diversifies their tastes. For instance, it can take out the famous Skyblock and offer Hide and Seek instead. And if its rules satisfy at least a few testers, word of mouth can make the next star shine on the cover.

Take maximum out of Blockman Go! Claim prizes and train your hero in the battle, or spend virtual savings on awesome capes, cloaks, wings, glasses, and other royal jewelry. Be who you want to be in this cubic world!

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