PK XD – Play with your Friends Game Online

An avatar chat breaks borders between countries. Any person, no matter what nationality, can enter this virtual world and earn internet acquaintances! Moreover, they can interact with others by controlling a personal character.

The one dressed up neatly, maybe not in coherence with current fashion trends but in a liberal manner. Here, no one will blame a gamer for wearing weird wizard clothes because the prevailing number of citizens chooses furry pajamas and futuristic costumes over casual black-and-white jumpers.

Take a look at features of PK XD—play with your friends, get famous, contribute by running large architectural projects. Here, you can change not only the insides of your house but the shape, color, and size of it from outside!

And if you’re out of money, the playground is at your service! A single easy mini-challenge can bring you a hundred golden coins just for a shop hunt for new accessories. Enough for sunglasses or even a small cute pet!

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