Skin Editor 3D for Minecraft Game Online

Developers of the perfect 2D Steve paint builder take it a step higher! Now, you can create your character and see how it will look immediately. This is thanks to the upgraded showroom that lets you paint right on the volumetric model.

The intuitive user interface has a lot of helpful functions. Don’t worry, you won’t get lost! The most essential only include a paintbrush and its size, a bucket to fill a large chunk of the body at one click, an eraser, and the save button.

Secondary but equally important include import of an image, export to a suitable format, the gallery with skins people share, and the option to hide a certain part of the body to paint beneath it. For example, if you turn off the visibility of hands, you can easily design sides of Steve’s torso previously covered by limbs.

The editor is as simple as its previous version. Just clean the model, pick the color, and come up with your perfect character. Then insert it into the game folder and enjoy the results!

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