Machine Gun Chicken Game Online

A hen has laid her first egg! It is so small and vulnerable to the dangers of the world that await it. From the flock’s experience, she knows what arrogant people do with little yolks. And she is not going to let these hungry bald apes approach her kid!

The Machine Gun Chicken is ready to respond to intrusions. Just hold down the trigger button and send endless ammo into the carnivorous hunters. Don’t wait until enemies approach the nest, shoot them down from a distance!

Each successfully nailed wave brings only more struggle: conquerors become faster, more agile, and more powerful. Will the bird win back her right for peace? Seems like the war has no end, but at least you will enjoy a rumble for the best score!

Fortunately, the main hero is not only strong but also smart. Read a map to track the location of greedy giants and defend the egg from the right corner. Also, understanding certain types of humans can help you plan tactics and survive maximum waves.

For example, girls are good at running, and zombies can endure a lot more bullets in their dead bodies before giving up. But who else will jump out of the forest darkness? See with your own eyes! Help the fowl to restore justice in the world hostile to animals.

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