BlockStarPlanet Game Online

In BlockStarPlanet, you can do anything you want! Chat with foreigners, create worlds, upload your beautiful works to the public gallery. Or enjoy parkour maps with curious pixel arts in your leisure time!

You are the user and the artist. And though you share the ownership with hundreds of other players, they won’t interrupt you. On the contrary, you can use all the benefits of connecting to the creative network.

For example, glide through wonderful castles, rainbow staircases, paintings, and other content in common access, pick whatever you like, and add it to your world with no problem! Then, estimate your amusement center, fix minor details, and invite good people from your friend list to a crazy party!

It’s time to become social. Enter the community with unique ideas and friendly manners, and you will quickly earn the first bunch of followers. The more advanced your virtual building skill, the more people will know you and use your masterpieces!

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