Monster Legends Game Online

Enjoy your second life as a beat trainer! Begin from a small isolated patch in woods and turn it into an awe-inspiring military base.

Send muscular creatures to mine ores underground, order other species to grow and harvest vegetables. But not all of the inhabitants will be satisfied with plant-derived products. Carnivorous, fanged animals tend to eat chickens and pigs.

You will learn the preferences of every beast by caring for it from a young age. This is the time when basic relationships between owner and pet get established. Depending on your actions, it can become either a loyal warrior or a whimsical, aggressive rebel.

And you better not play with fortune when it comes to breeding powerful magical monster legends. Taming dangerous brutes is a daunting job, though it pays off. Victories in duel tournaments bring gold and fame. Everyone will see your name on top of the leaderboard! Just take small steps towards your desired mastery every day.

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