Time Shooter Game Online

The hero breaks into the snakes’ den to clean it up. Enemy agents only laugh at the foolish daredevil. Even the complete madman wouldn’t risk their life like that, all alone with a small gun against a team of professionals!

Little do they know about who the visitor really is. Of course, they possess the territory, the ammunition, their numbers prevail. Logically, they are a hundred times stronger.

However, you possess the time itself! You can slow the flow of action down and return the usual speed to the surroundings on wish. Or, better say, on the move of a finger. Mortals run and send their miserable bullets only when you are walking. When you stop, you force them to freeze. Or are you starting to move extra quickly?

Play with danger in Neo’s fashion in this simple Matrix-like game. Feel the daydream supremacy when no one can reach you no matter how they strive for it. Defeat villains before they recognize death behind your graceful dance between raindrops.

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