Super City Game Online

This crazy battle simulator lets the player adjust the appearance, the mission, and the fighting style of each hero or villain in the town. Feel no hassle while creating, better explore all game options slowly before you plan anything.

The character editor alone can change the classic Marvel protagonist to a state where it’s impossible to recognize any familiar trait! Use the color wheel for hair, shrink or enlarge the man, fix their shirt down to the length of sleeves.

As basically heroes are transformed humans, you can edit them twice! Invent a new costume for Iron Man or make Aquaman try another hairstyle. But more interesting features are ahead! Such details as the trigger for transformation, the weapon, and fighting moves’ combinations are open for you to choose.

So match action buttons on the screen with spectacular punches, raise the health bar by 200 percent, and go turn shopping malls, streets, and parking lots of the virtual country upside down.

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