Punch Bob Game Online

Opponents show a similar reaction when they first meet your wrestler. They burst into uncontrollable laughter! Until you pull the slingshot and send your five-hundred-pound prince right over the enemy’s head…

Punch Bob is an uncommon WWE fighter with puzzle elements. Measure the strength of the throw and the distance the shell will pass before it lands on the terrified target. Decide wisely, so the round-belly man won’t lose his momentum by hitting a wall.

For viewers’ amusement, the arena is usually constructed quite high, and falling to the ground far below means losing completely. Despite his awkwardness, your hero hasn't given his competitor a chance to earn the trophy.

The latter always gets announced as an immortal demigod, but when the round begins, they curl in the darkest corner and cry like a little kid. Your job is to fuel his reputation by grasping more impeccable rewards and putting money in improvements of his stats and the martial style.

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