Pixel Strike 3D Game Online

Find fun among players from all cities on the globe! Play fantastic PVP battles team against team or solo versus the rest of the world. Take down zombie waves with the group of survivors and avoid infectious bites. Or implement your best strategy in the race towards the finish line.

Whatever you choose from the extensive Pixel Strike 3D list, your name will enter the top-thousand leaderboard. If you’re a competitive type, master your style and get into at least top-twenty! Despite easy-to-learn rules, it is tremendously difficult to overpass champions. The fact that only ignites the desire to win in true warriors!

For money rewards, you can customize the character as you wish. For example, you may grow golden dragon wings or buy yourself a puppy companion. Not to mention borderless colorization, a wide wardrobe of ready-to-go and on-sale module costumes, and a set of chat stickers. Find friends, build guilds, and become an author of a new trending map!

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