Totally Reliable Delivery Service Game Online

You are working in the most demanded carriage company in the city. It has earned its reputation by driving parcels to the door at the shortest notice. And you must meet the expectations of the loyal customers!

Cooperate with up to three friends in this sandbox game and explore a hundred and one exotic way of bringing a box to a receiver. Any fast transport will do: a sports car, a rocket, a cannon, or an airplane. Hold the package tight if there is nowhere to fasten it. Most probably, there won’t be any option to fasten yourself!

Fly through narrow pedestrian zones as if you’re on a lane. Overcome your fear of height by jumping from an aircraft. All company’s employees are given a benefit—they can recover from lethal injuries in five seconds.

The work becomes much easier when you’re immortal! No decision seems crazy, whether it’s a ride on a swan or on the back of a full-speed truck. On the contrary, the freight still can be damaged, but who cares if it arrives in time?

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