WorldBox Game Online

You’re more than the emperor. You are the creator of the Universe! Petrify your first island in the middle of the pristine ocean and inhale life in it. Rodents and insects, feral cats, fish will run the ecosystem on their own without any clue from you.

However, there is an animal that will require your constant attention. It definitely won’t let you die from boredom. Because a human is the most controversial, unpredictable work of your authorship.

Though none of the creatures are the same, they show certain trends in collective behavior. A single man will barely make a mess larger than a bird would, but a group of people must be supervised. Especially when a group divides.

Family, tribe, kingdom, country—pass all these phases with no harm to yourself. Watch from above how your experiment is going and correlate the game in different ways. For instance, turn the destructive typhoon’s force in your favor when you want to save some exclusively appealing village.

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