Summoners Greed Game Online

Always the right hand of the king, the man with extraordinary magical abilities. You can cast a curse over a neighbor or break the order in their whole country with a spoon of afterlife madness.

Hellhounds, mud beasts, shadows obey to your will, as you know what to offer them to ignite their interest. And though magicians are thought to care less about wealth than other humans, the summoner’s greed still exists. You’ve been keeping an eye on the treasury for a very long time.

Success! That one wooden chest is now yours! The personal possession of the king, no one knows what’s inside except for its rightful owner and the thief.

Furious, the government declares war against you. The crown sends quick troops to harvest your dirty soul: the best knights along with farmers are trotting the dungeon floor. They are greeted by slimes, apes, animated plush toys, and other aggressive defenders of your tower. Let them thrash and smash every intruder whose heart is beating!

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